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What if there is nothing all around to be taken care of and it’s you only?

Yes, you are right, you are playing Asphalt Xtreme and you need to be the winner of the game. The Asphalt Xtreme is incomplete without the multiplayer and the uniqueness of the features involved. Every game has some features to be described and it is them that makes the game complete.  Let’s find out what the key characteristics of the game are:

asphalt xtreme hack and cheats

  1. Find your style: There must be 7 odd vehicles with you, who will be displaying their best. You need to discover the challenges and show your unique way to play and pass the hurdles.
  2. Best Car Brands: We have the best car brands for to unleash the style. It is said if you are the best then you need to compete with the best as well. The Asphalt Xtreme has the best cars like Mercedes, Chevrolet etc. enrolled with them as the competitors and for you as well. So do take care of them.
  3. The World will be the Racetrack: You never know that the world is your racetrack within seconds you will be facing the thunder of Thar and in another, you will be in the valleys of Kashmir so you never know where you are next so ready to unleash the style and success.
  4. Customize your ride: You can also customize your ride with the pumping up of the extra fuel and there are also some customize set up that are available for you to win the game. So upgrade yourself and keep winning like no others.
  5. Adventurous Experience: If you really wanted to feel Adrenalin rush then it is a right place for you as no other race can provide such a mesmerizing and challenging graphics and missions to achieve as the Asphalt Xtreme can.
  6. Monster Machines: Ride speedy Buggies, or the SUVs or look forward to releasing your inner beast with the monster trucks or muscle cars.
  7. Stars and Boxes: Unwrap the gift boxes via playing multiplayer tracks an explore the hidden gems for yourself and for the people who will the nest to play with you. So, explore and pick them on your journey to the finishing line.
  8. Get packed off: Discover 5 gaming modes, timeless challenges, more than 500 mastery challenges and career events. But, this is not all we are upgrading to serve you best and unravel the beast sitting within you.

These features are the trademark of the game in the industry as this is the only one that makes a difference and has been one of the leaders in the gaming industry. You can own your opponents with Asphalt Xtreme Hack by getting unlimited Credits.

This game has waited to be launched due to the diversity offered by them to the users. So do play the game, without any fear, discover the world unravel truths so, why to wait to GET SET GO!!!

WiFi and Bluetooth in iPods?

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PC Magazine’s audio analyst Mike Kobrin sounds off for us on personal-media technology company PortalPlayer’s attempt to bring WiFi to digital audio players. Read on:By now, most of us have seen the reports of PortalPlayer’s attempt to bring WiFi and Bluetooth to the digital audio player world. Basically, the company has partnered with a chip maker called CSR and claims to have the ability to enable device makers to create an MP3 player with WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities. The reason for this is fairly obvious: You’ll be able to sync files and transmit audio without any wires. Since PortalPlayer chips power most flavors of iPod, various Apple-related sites are abuzz with reports that Apple may come out with a WiFi-enabled iPod by the end of this year. Will it really happen? And will the product satisfy consumers? I’m not so sure.

ipod iphone 6

One of the main drawbacks of integrating wireless technologies into a device is shorter battery life. Apple isn’t known for having exceptional battery technology, and unless the company has gotten some battery life secrets from a company like Sony, I’m pretty sure that any WiFi capability will suck an MP3 player’s battery dry very quickly. I’m hoping that the power consumption of this WiFi chip will be as efficient as PortalPlayer claims it will be, and that the implementation allows the chip to be active only when it’s in use (unlike some current WiFi-enabled devices, in which the WiFi component is constantly drawing power).Bluetooth, on the other hand, is a far less power-hungry technology, and integrating it in players will let users get rid of those silly Bluetooth dongles. If Apple includes Bluetooth in a future iPod, for example, you’d be able to use products like the Logitech Wireless Headphones for iPod without making your iPod about 25 percent longer, as happens with the current product. Unfortunately, Bluetooth audio is still pretty lousy, especially when compared with WiFi transmission or wired headphones.

Not to mention the agonizingly slow file-transfer speeds that limit Bluetooth’s usefulness as a sync method. But because of Bluetooth’s relatively low power requirements, Apple (or whichever unnamed manufacturer, since PortalPlayer wouldn’t tell us who’s going to get their new technology—wink wink, nudge nudge) may opt to include Bluetooth in upcoming devices and wait until battery technology catches up with WiFi’s needs.Once WiFi is integrated into MP3 players and PMPs, however, it will certainly spawn another segment of the already-huge portable accessory market. iPod accessories alone are expected to be a $1 billion industry this year. I predict that one of the hottest-selling accessories will be the giant battery packs that extend the iPod’s battery life. These will likely be must-haves if WiFi is involved. On the other hand, maybe this is the push Apple needs to start making players with removable batteries.

Log’s Valentine’s Day Gift IdeasValentine’s Day

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A long tradition of showing each other you care with special gifts. Of course, I show I love my boyfriend every day, not just on V-Day. Granted, February 14th may just be a company’s way of making us spending fools by loading up on chocolate, lingerie, and sentimental cards. I just hope old Saint Valentine isn’t rolling in his grave. I’m sure the shopping malls and jewelry stores will be packed this weekend, full of last-minute shoppers springing for a gift to express their undying love. I’m no dummy though. It’s not always that simple. Most of the time it’s your significant other giving you exact orders: “My ring size is 6” or “6GB, not 4GB.” But for me, I like to be surprised. So, if you’re “allowed” to shock your one-and-only, try these on for size: 1. Motorola RAZR V3 Pink Phone ($369.99)If you’re dating a pink lady, then she’ll love Motorola’s Pink RAZR V3.2.

Log's Valentine's Day Gift IdeasValentine's Day

Mr. Beer Premium Home Microbrewery Kit ($39.95)If your guy is anything like mine, he LOVES his beer. You might as well let him brew his own! All you do is add water to brew twenty 12 oz. beers each week.3. MAGPIX Titanium Digital Pocket Photo Album ($99.99)I haven’t seen people whip out an accordian of photos from their wallets in years. It’s all about digital now. 4. The Sims: Hot Date Expansion Pack ($9.82)My boyfriend owns one of The Sims games, and I have to pry him from the computer sometimes.

This expansion pack is the perfect gift for your Valentine. But, if you don’t have a sweetheart this year, a virtual vixen is just as sweet!5. Scrolling License Plate Frame ($59.95)I’m not one for bling, but if you’re into LED belt buckles and rings, you’ll probably love this gift idea. You can enter up to five personalized messages, then use the wireless remote to select one as you drive. Available in black and silver.6. Distorted Wall Clock ($219.00)I’m a big fan of Dali, so if you want to show off your artistic side (or pretend that you have one), this clock will do it. 7. Terracotta Self-Watering Flowerpot ($29.95)In my opinion, buying flowers is a waste of money because they only die after a couple of days. Buy a plant instead, and then get the Self-Watering Flowerpot.8. 1001 Dreams: An Illustrated Guide to Dreams and Their Meanings ($9.95)I frequently dream of freaky things happening to me. I can attribute this to watching too many horror flicks, I know.

Once, I dreamt that I was filling the bathtub, and suddenly the drain was clogged. So, I reached into the water to feel for the drain, when suddenly a person pops out from underwater! I’d sure like to know what that dream means!9.  Buy One Share of Tiffany & Co. Stock ($36)We can’t all afford the good stuff. Buy a share of stock instead.10. Solar Messenger Bag ($229) This bag can charge any device that runs on 5, 6 or 7.2 volts, such as a cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, or digital camera. Plus, you’re saving electric!If these don’t appease you, check out PCMag.com executive producer Robyn Peterson’s ideas.

The Gottesman Report on BiM Active

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PC Magazine’s technology editor Ben Gottesman sent me another dispatch from DEMO: “For the ‘as an avid bicyclist and avid geek, I really, really want this’ category: At DEMO today, a company with the unusual name of Bones in Motion introduced BiM Active, a service that uses GPS-enabled cell phones to help runners and cyclists track their treks. BiM Active will measure speed, distance, and elevation; show your splits (that is, how long each subinterval of your exercise took); and display street maps, topographical maps and satellite maps of your route. “Bones in Motion is first partnering with Sprint, and the company demonstrated the BiM Active on a Sanyo MM-7500 phone. Once you’ve completed your run or your ride, the data is uploaded to BiM Active’s community site, where you can keep the data private or share your routes with others.

The Gottesman Report on BiM Active

The cell-phone-based mapping service will cost $9.99 a month, which is fine, since Americans won’t embrace any sport that they can’t spend money on. But you can also join the BiM Active community for free and manually plot your routes or upload GPS data from a Garmin outdoor GPS or other GPS units. “One very intriguing aspect of BiM Active is that it can rate the difficulty of your trip, so you can easily find other routes that will require similar effort. I was a little concerned that mapping my route and then sharing it would show everyone where I live, since I start from my house nearly every time. One way around this would be to start tracking after you’ve gone a little distance.

Users will have to decide how much detail they’re willing to share. “But if this service pans out to be as good as it looks, I can’t see any serious runner or cyclist not wanting to use it. I’ve been charting my bike rides for years. A couple of times, I’ve tried mobile GPSes; but for the most part, I use Microsoft MapPoint, recalling my trips as best I can. BiM Active should make this a lot easier. “Spring can’t come soon enough to the Northeast.”

AllAppNews Radio: Microsoft’s Jim Allchin

World of Technology

AllAppNews Radio with David CourseyGuest: Jim Allchin, co-president, Windows group, MicrosoftHear Jim Allchin Talk About Windows Security. Since last we visited, I’ve posted my interview with Microsoft Windows czar Jim Allchin, in which we talk about security challenges that the new operating system will likely face. In Jim’s view, we may consider the mass attacks suffered by Windows XP as the good ol’ days. Vista, he says, will be much more secure, but the attacks that do get through may be targeted specifically at individual companies and much more difficult to discover. We also talk about the status of the next-generation operating system, now in beta and promised for final release on machines shipping for the 2007-2007 holiday season. Listen to the 7-minute long interview. Listen to the program (about 7 minutes).You can also read an edited transcript of the meeting, prepared by Peter Galli.

Windows Transparency Is Good News

I also wrote a Reporter’s Notebook column about the 90 minutes reporter Peter Galli and I spent with Allchin. It’s a run-down of a number of topics we discussed, intended to complement our news coverage from the meeting. One of the topics I discussed is how the Windows Vista development process has been much more open those of previous Microsoft operating system releases.

mac today

Why? It’s a reaction to some of the charges in the anti-trust cases that Microsoft uses its control of the OS to thwart applications and development tools competitors, but it is also a response to an increasingly weary customer base who want to be comfortable with a new operating system well before they buy.Our interview with Allchin produced several other stories, including these two by Peter Galli:After Vista, Vienna Awaits You—Is This Windows 2010?While the majority of Microsoft’s Windows client development team is working to get Windows Vista out the door before the end of this year, there is a small team already working on a set of core technologies for “Vienna”, the version that will follow Vista. Sources have told eWEEK that Microsoft is referring to Vienna as Windows 2010 and that it is likely to be a major update of the pervasive operating system. After Ever New OS Comes Realignment, Including Windows Vista

A shake-up in the management and responsibilities of some of Microsoft Corp.’s key Windows client and server team executives could be in the cards when Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms, Products and Services division, retires at the end of the year. While Allchin stressed in an interview with eWEEK that no decisions had been made in this regard, he did float the possibility of some significant staff changes at that time.

Do You Know Your Wrinkle Percentage?

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If there are devices that calculate how much body fat you have, then why wouldn’t there be a device that calculates wrinkles and sun damage?A News.com reporter visited an office in San Jose, California to undergo Clarity Pro: a technology that can “depict the depth and severity of wrinkles in a 3D chart, show the extent of bacteria-filled pores in a graph, or represent UV damage in purple dots scattered about your face in a white-light image.” The reporter’s test results came back, revealing that her face contained 7% of wrinkles, 30% inflamed pores, and 26 out of a scale of 50 for ultraviolet damage.This emerging kind of technology isn’t available on the market yet, but it’s slated to be released next month to various spas, medical health clinics, cosmetics companies and researchers.download

So how much could something like this cost?

Well, according to Raj Chhibber, CEO and founder of BrighTex Bio-Photonics (the maker of Clarity Pro), says that the exam could cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars. I can just see it now: actors and actresses will be rushing to find out the percentage of wrinkles on their bodies, only to find out that the producer of the TV show they star in turns them away because their wrinkle percentage is “too high for primetime TV.” Or how about just regular people breaking down into tears because their test results showed bad pores? But, Clarity Pro could serve as a wake up call for those that are in risk of skin cancer.Still, I’ll probably have a good 15 years before I get any recognizable wrinkles, but I sure don’t want to know the percentage of wrinkles proportional to the rest of my body! C’mon. We get older, our bodies get older. It’s a natural part of life!If you’re interested in more information on how Clarity Pro works, visit BTBP.org.

Should we use World Chef Hack?

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What are World chef cheats?

The World Chef hack is the only functioning which is currently free to use, just from hackingfactory. Released on February of 2016, this tool can increase your gems and gold in just a couple of seconds. World Chef is a mobile game which let you purchase fixings and create recipes and also run a restaurant company, if you’re a wannabe chef, World Chef game is an a perfect option for you!

world chef cheats
Gems are the premium in-app currency of the game, you will need to spend a lot of money to purchase those from World Chef store. With this particular tool you’ll be able to gems totally for free, although yet, not lots of folks can manage purchasing them. Gems could be sue to get attributes and specific things through the game. All without spending one cent of this you can get those with this amazing tool: World Chef Hack!
World Chef Hack was made to generate infinite Gems and Coins. World Chef is a brand new puzzle game that allows you to play together with the food. To be able to achieve that, by doing puzzles, you’ll need to gather coins and gems. This is somewhat tricky, so in order to get all of the updates from the very beginning we made a decision to start World Chef Hack. World Chef Cheats is a C++ program, it has all the characteristics you require and is very user friendly. As a bonus, it’s completely safe and free as using Bluetooth connection and USB. If you are interestedm scroll down to locate more information about this tool!
When you are playing an event in the game you’d like to have a lot of gold/coins so you can eventually pass the mission without spending a lot of valuable gems. Well world chef hack also allows you to pass those event without having to spend your in-app purchases. You’ve got a sneak peak above so that you can obtain an ideea about the way that it seems. And yet powerful.

So are you ready to get a new level in World Chef?

If the answer is yes, go to Revolution.is and use Wolrd Chef Hack now! You will sure not regret any minute about your choice. Easy, User-friendly and effective – this are the word that are defining this software. This tool was created so you can stop wasting your real money if you want more gems/gold in the game. With those cheats you will get all paid features for free, in no time.

Use it with brain do not over-do the game, because developers could sent you a ban. Just make sure that the resources you are generating are looking legit in your account. We hope you enjoyed oru review. Have fun with World Chef Hack.


Should Virtual Reality Become a Standard in Gaming

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As some of us know, last week, Project Morpheus was revealed at GDC by Sony, and for the past few days, there has been a lot of talk about virtual reality. Now I know that back in the earlier days of gaming, most people saw virtual reality as a gamer’s ultimate fantasy, heck people still fantasize about the possibilities of virtual reality. Personally, I don’t see the big deal about virtual reality, in fact, I can’t really say it’s something I’m looking forward to. I guess you can call me an old school gamer, but the way I see it, virtual reality becoming a standard in gaming is probably not going to happen and I feel that it shouldn’t, at least not anytime soon. Let me explain why by talking about motion controls.

virtual reality

Do kids still play Wii boxing?When the original Wii came out, it was probably the most revolutionary thing around. We were introduced to new styles of gameplay, such as pointing the Wii remote at the screen in shooters, swinging the Wii remote around in party games, and hack and slash games, exercise games like Wii Sports and more. Motion controls became so big that Sony and Microsoft decided to jump on the bandwagon with the PlayStation Move and the Kinect, which I’ll talk about in a second. Now, it doesn’t seem like anyone cares about motion controls as much anymore. Sure the Wii U still supports Wii motion controls, but Nintendo’s focus (at least with the system itself) is on touch pad controls. This has pretty much shown that while motion controls may have been extremely innovative, introducing different genres and styles of gameplay, they are not quite a standard.

With that being said, let’s talk about the Kinect.Yeah… I can’t see Gears of War without controllers being done anytime soon…When Microsoft introduced the Kinect, the gimmick of it was for you to be the controller. You had no controllers, no buttons, and no analog sticks. The problem is that I just can’t see most genres done on it. Let me list a few examples: If you were to play a platformer like Super Mario 64, how would you be able to do all of the jumps and stunts Mario is capable of doing? In fighting games such as Street Fighter or Tekken, would the player be agile enough to imitate all of the fighting moves that the characters do? Also, I would like to see you do a spinning kick without hurting yourself on your furniture or breaking a vase or something. With first person shooters, would you have to duck behind your couch to take cover? Not to mention it is hard to imagine yourself moving around freely without being on-rail, unless you were to run in place. At least with the Wii and PlayStation Move, you had the advantage of using buttons and analog sticks to make some of these things possible.


My point being that certain genres can’t be done without certain controls.Let’s see side scrolling Mario Bros. be done in virtual reality.Now, with virtual reality, it is hard to see certain genres done. Maybe the first person genre, and possibly MMOs can be done with Project Morpheus, if it is using the PlayStation Move, and maybe 30 years from now, some of you will have your ultimate virtual reality fantasies fulfilled when technology becomes advanced enough to where you won’t need the PlayStation Move to move around, but what about the traditional genres we enjoy today?

How will we be able to enjoy such genres such as , fighting games, or even topped-down RPGs?

Most of these genres involve you playing as another character, usually in third person, and sometimes these games involve some amount of storytelling, and a lot of us do enjoy our third person experiences, which I can’t see done in virtual reality.I can see virtual reality being a temporary fad, or being placed in its own category like how motion control are, but at the end of the day, I think what most gamers want to do is play their games sitting on the couch with some type of controller in their hand. Especially since certain genres can’t be done with motion controls or in virtual reality. You can say I’m being closed minded but as I said in the beginning, I’m an old school gamer, so I enjoy classic gaming more, and all of this is just my personal view of all of the virtual reality talk going on at the moment. Feel free to leave comments and tell me what you guys think.The views and opinions expressed on this Article are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the Couchjockeyz.com staff, Volunteers /or any/all contributors to this site.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Review

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The Hobbit franchise has certainly been an innovator of late, and continues to do so in this film with stunning action sequences, solid themes, and a dedication to detail only Peter Jackson can do..PlotHobbit 2 continues almost immediately where the first left off and does very little (none) to reintroduce you to the characters from the first film expecting you to remember all 13 of the dwarves and all the side characters. The plot is taken from the Hobbit itself and various other writings from Tolkien and matches them together weaving a tale about Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves returning to the Lonely Mountain, along with the rise of Sauron. The only problem is the pacing of the film.


Where the Lord of the Rings trilogy had 3 separate books and could offer 3 acts per movie with short term problems being sorted out by the end, the Hobbit is one story split into 3 parts. Being the middle film of the trilogy doesnt do much to help in that..PerformanceThe film goes out of its way to give each character a moment of their own like in the prior film. giving no one really any time to hog the limelight. Legolas does make an extended appearance but it just borders on feeling forced but is still welcome to the eyes to see Orlando Bloom reprise the role.

Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman do and excellent job as Thorin and Bilbo respectivly, giving both well deserved depth. But if I had to pick the stand out performances, I would give them to Aiden Turner as Kili and Evangeline Lilly as Tauriel. Their small romance actually brought a tear to my eyes and their performances were excellent..ThemesIn the film I would say there were a few themes carried from the first but the biggest one is the idea of corruption. As we see Bilbo take the ring and begin to feel the weight of his burden. As we see Thorin begin to take the gravity of the situation and the other characters constantly remind him of how his grandfather died from his own greed, we start to see him become possessed by the quest.

Tensions rising is a sub theme as we see the hintings at the necromancer and the strange relationship between the elves and the dwarves.,CinematographyAs usual, the cinematography is a wonder to behold as it is the work of Peter Jackson. My only gripe is the heavy CGI at 48 frames per second. All films are shot in 24 frames per second and The Hobbit is shot in 48 frames which is a wonder for the still scenes and the amount of detail, but in the heavy CGI moments with fast action, its hard to focus sometimes..Suspension of DisbeliefUnlike the last film, I was glued to my chair and didn’t question the extended sequence of Bombur taking on dozens of orcs single-barrely or the fast melting point of gold. I loved each minute could sit through another 3 hours if there was more.

Uncharted Series Writer Amy Hennig has left Naughty Dog

Uncharted Series Writer Amy Hennig has left Naughty Dog

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This week definitely is not looking up for Sony, Sales news aside the steady train of bad PR for Sony has been on track since last week. With talks of Thief suffering from frame-rate drops on the PS4, in comparison to it’s competition’s release on Xbox One said to be more stabilized. And also with the recent findings of the Xbox One Version of Twitch Streaming to broadcast at a higher resolution on the Xbox One. This week we find ourselves with a bomb drop of bad news in relation to a personal favorite  writer of mine  at the helm of a specific Sony/Naughty Dog title known as the Uncharted Series. Amy Hennig who is most notably known for her work in the industry on the Nintendo Entertainment System, with her design debut on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System game Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City.

Why she took this decision?

Who later went to work for Crystal Dynamics, working primarily on the Legacy of Kain series. Following upon her success into the Naughty Dog fold.  Her work has been on two primary series: Jak and Daxter and Uncharted.  The recent news comes from being verified and confirmed via IGN that Amy Hennig has left Naughty Dog.Which the following statement says:Amy has made significant contributions to the game industry and we appreciate all she has done for Naughty Dog. The development timeline of Uncharted will not be impacted.” amy hennig - naughty dogAmy Hennig, the creative director and writer on the Uncharted series, has left developer Naughty Dog.

Numerous trusted sources close to Naughty Dog have verified Hennig’s departure from the studio. She was writing and leading development of Uncharted PS4. Her final day at the studio was Monday, March 3.Sources claim Hennig was “forced out” by The Last of Us’ Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley, and explained that Uncharted may now come under their control.It should be noted that recently Amy celebrated her 10th anniversary with Naughty Dog, where she served as director and writer on Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves , and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.Fans of the Uncharted Series such as myself should keep a close eye on the progress of the next Uncharted title, as we hope that the title does not suffer creatively from this recent news.  What do you think of this news are you shocked or worried about this info comment below let us know! For more Gaming,Tech and Entertainment News, Make sure to have your browsers bookmarked here @CouchJockeyz.com