AllAppNews Radio with David CourseyGuest: Jim Allchin, co-president, Windows group, MicrosoftHear Jim Allchin Talk About Windows Security. Since last we visited, I’ve posted my interview with Microsoft Windows czar Jim Allchin, in which we talk about security challenges that the new operating system will likely face. In Jim’s view, we may consider the mass attacks suffered by Windows XP as the good ol’ days. Vista, he says, will be much more secure, but the attacks that do get through may be targeted specifically at individual companies and much more difficult to discover. We also talk about the status of the next-generation operating system, now in beta and promised for final release on machines shipping for the 2007-2007 holiday season. Listen to the 7-minute long interview. Listen to the program (about 7 minutes).You can also read an edited transcript of the meeting, prepared by Peter Galli.

Windows Transparency Is Good News

I also wrote a Reporter’s Notebook column about the 90 minutes reporter Peter Galli and I spent with Allchin. It’s a run-down of a number of topics we discussed, intended to complement our news coverage from the meeting. One of the topics I discussed is how the Windows Vista development process has been much more open those of previous Microsoft operating system releases.

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Why? It’s a reaction to some of the charges in the anti-trust cases that Microsoft uses its control of the OS to thwart applications and development tools competitors, but it is also a response to an increasingly weary customer base who want to be comfortable with a new operating system well before they buy.Our interview with Allchin produced several other stories, including these two by Peter Galli:After Vista, Vienna Awaits You—Is This Windows 2010?While the majority of Microsoft’s Windows client development team is working to get Windows Vista out the door before the end of this year, there is a small team already working on a set of core technologies for “Vienna”, the version that will follow Vista. Sources have told eWEEK that Microsoft is referring to Vienna as Windows 2010 and that it is likely to be a major update of the pervasive operating system. After Ever New OS Comes Realignment, Including Windows Vista

A shake-up in the management and responsibilities of some of Microsoft Corp.’s key Windows client and server team executives could be in the cards when Jim Allchin, the co-president of Microsoft’s Platforms, Products and Services division, retires at the end of the year. While Allchin stressed in an interview with eWEEK that no decisions had been made in this regard, he did float the possibility of some significant staff changes at that time.

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