If there are devices that calculate how much body fat you have, then why wouldn’t there be a device that calculates wrinkles and sun damage?A News.com reporter visited an office in San Jose, California to undergo Clarity Pro: a technology that can “depict the depth and severity of wrinkles in a 3D chart, show the extent of bacteria-filled pores in a graph, or represent UV damage in purple dots scattered about your face in a white-light image.” The reporter’s test results came back, revealing that her face contained 7% of wrinkles, 30% inflamed pores, and 26 out of a scale of 50 for ultraviolet damage.This emerging kind of technology isn’t available on the market yet, but it’s slated to be released next month to various spas, medical health clinics, cosmetics companies and researchers.download

So how much could something like this cost?

Well, according to Raj Chhibber, CEO and founder of BrighTex Bio-Photonics (the maker of Clarity Pro), says that the exam could cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred dollars. I can just see it now: actors and actresses will be rushing to find out the percentage of wrinkles on their bodies, only to find out that the producer of the TV show they star in turns them away because their wrinkle percentage is “too high for primetime TV.” Or how about just regular people breaking down into tears because their test results showed bad pores? But, Clarity Pro could serve as a wake up call for those that are in risk of skin cancer.Still, I’ll probably have a good 15 years before I get any recognizable wrinkles, but I sure don’t want to know the percentage of wrinkles proportional to the rest of my body! C’mon. We get older, our bodies get older. It’s a natural part of life!If you’re interested in more information on how Clarity Pro works, visit BTBP.org.

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