A long tradition of showing each other you care with special gifts. Of course, I show I love my boyfriend every day, not just on V-Day. Granted, February 14th may just be a company’s way of making us spending fools by loading up on chocolate, lingerie, and sentimental cards. I just hope old Saint Valentine isn’t rolling in his grave. I’m sure the shopping malls and jewelry stores will be packed this weekend, full of last-minute shoppers springing for a gift to express their undying love. I’m no dummy though. It’s not always that simple. Most of the time it’s your significant other giving you exact orders: “My ring size is 6” or “6GB, not 4GB.” But for me, I like to be surprised. So, if you’re “allowed” to shock your one-and-only, try these on for size: 1. Motorola RAZR V3 Pink Phone ($369.99)If you’re dating a pink lady, then she’ll love Motorola’s Pink RAZR V3.2.

Log's Valentine's Day Gift IdeasValentine's Day

Mr. Beer Premium Home Microbrewery Kit ($39.95)If your guy is anything like mine, he LOVES his beer. You might as well let him brew his own! All you do is add water to brew twenty 12 oz. beers each week.3. MAGPIX Titanium Digital Pocket Photo Album ($99.99)I haven’t seen people whip out an accordian of photos from their wallets in years. It’s all about digital now. 4. The Sims: Hot Date Expansion Pack ($9.82)My boyfriend owns one of The Sims games, and I have to pry him from the computer sometimes.

This expansion pack is the perfect gift for your Valentine. But, if you don’t have a sweetheart this year, a virtual vixen is just as sweet!5. Scrolling License Plate Frame ($59.95)I’m not one for bling, but if you’re into LED belt buckles and rings, you’ll probably love this gift idea. You can enter up to five personalized messages, then use the wireless remote to select one as you drive. Available in black and silver.6. Distorted Wall Clock ($219.00)I’m a big fan of Dali, so if you want to show off your artistic side (or pretend that you have one), this clock will do it. 7. Terracotta Self-Watering Flowerpot ($29.95)In my opinion, buying flowers is a waste of money because they only die after a couple of days. Buy a plant instead, and then get the Self-Watering Flowerpot.8. 1001 Dreams: An Illustrated Guide to Dreams and Their Meanings ($9.95)I frequently dream of freaky things happening to me. I can attribute this to watching too many horror flicks, I know.

Once, I dreamt that I was filling the bathtub, and suddenly the drain was clogged. So, I reached into the water to feel for the drain, when suddenly a person pops out from underwater! I’d sure like to know what that dream means!9.  Buy One Share of Tiffany & Co. Stock ($36)We can’t all afford the good stuff. Buy a share of stock instead.10. Solar Messenger Bag ($229) This bag can charge any device that runs on 5, 6 or 7.2 volts, such as a cell phone, MP3 player, PDA, or digital camera. Plus, you’re saving electric!If these don’t appease you, check out PCMag.com executive producer Robyn Peterson’s ideas.

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