Best Ad Blockers for Android

19 Best Ad Blockers (FREE!) for Android

The Best Rooted & Not Rooted Ad Blockers for Android (Listed by: not rooted or rooted, for both not rooted and rooted, browser-specific and inside applications) How many times have you been browsing on your phone and annoying ads pop up? Well, don’t worry. There’s a way to get rid of those ads on your…

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samphoneunlock website

How to Unlock a Samsung Phone

Need to Unlock Your Samsung Smart Phone? Did you know that when you buy a cell phone from a cell phone carrier, 99% of the time the phone you bought has been “locked” by the company? What that means is that the cell phone carrier service like T-mobile has “locked” your phone with the use…

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wunderlist vs evernote

Top 6 Time Management Apps

Best Time Management Apps It would seem that there is now an app for just about anything and everything you do in life. From business to personal, creating grand designs, planning corporate projects and communicating on a global scale, there is very little left that your hand-held gadgets can’t achieve. Ultimately though, it’s the person…

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