Best Ad Blockers for Android

19 Best Ad Blockers for Android (FREE!)

The Best Rooted & Not Rooted Ad Blockers for Android (Listed by: not rooted or rooted, for both not rooted and rooted, browser-specific and inside applications) How many times have you been browsing on your phone and annoying ads pop up? Well, don’t worry. There’s a way to get rid of those ads on your…

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NovaBackup Review

NovaBackup Professional and Why You Need It Did you know that the NovaBackup software for data protection and disaster recovery has 20 years of experience and world-class expertise built into every release. This is the number one reason you should use Nova Backup software. These are the Nova Backup Version 12.0 features: Incremental imaging makes…

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Best Document Scanning Apps

Best 7 Document Scanning Apps for Android Just a few years ago, if you wanted to scan any sort of documents, you needed to have a physical scanner in order to get the scan you needed. The scanner is a peripheral device for your Mac or PC, and as it not needed very often, and…

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