All About All App News

All App News is a site all about apps which should be pretty clear just by our URL. The reason we started the site is that there are just millions of apps today, and I don’t see the speed of which new apps are coming to market slowing down any time soon.

And yes, there are plenty of App websites already, the problem is they often don’t give you alternatives or information on many of the smaller apps that aren’t getting the press they deserve.

Some of these smaller apps that get lost in the cracks are amazing and could really help the person looking for it. It’s our job to find these lost apps and bring them to the public spot light.

Which brings me to, if you have a great app and you’re looking for more people to know about it, let us know. We can be contacted here, or you can write up something and give it to us here. We are always looking for great apps to share with our readership. But please don’t waste our time unless your app is actually helpful.

We also welcome anyone looking to write something for the site. We will give you complete authorship credit and link to your Google or Facebook profile, or even your website. But in return, we expect an indepth and enjoyably written article to post on our site.

And of course we welcome feedback, good or bad. We are more geeks or techies than we are amazing writers. So we may make a few mistakes, overlook some cool new gear, or just write about topics you may not be interested in.

So let us know what you like to read about and we will be sure to add some cool articles on your topic.

Until then, like us on Facebook and Happy Reading!