10 Apps like CocoPPa

Cocoppa is an application that allows you to customize your Android terminal with lots of beautiful icons and screen backgrounds, inspired by some of the most popular children’s characters like Hello Kitty, My Melodi or Doraemon.

The application acts as a sort of central personalization for our terminal. From it, you can change the icons of your applications or wallpaper. So you’ll just check within the application and download all available content.

Touch Icon Creator applicationTouch Icon Creator

Touch Icon Creator is an exceptionally straightforward application that permits clients to make unique application symbols utilizing pictures as a part of their photograph library. So for instance, you can make application symbols with a photo of companions or family. You can likewise envision this being valuable for individuals who read big name websites on the major blogging stage Ameblo. Standard clients may not read online news media all the time, but rather numerous read websites by companions and famous people.

App Shortcut Makerapp shortcut maker

This is a cool little app that allows you to make your very own shortcuts on your iPhone. And what really stands out about it is that you can use any picture you want to make your phone’s new shortcuts.

Just find a picture you like, use that app to “take a picture” of the picture, then title it as the app name you want, then link it to that app on your phone. You now have a great icon for your app, one hundered percent unique to you.

Girly Wallpapers

This application is streamlined for iOS 9, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S in addition to and iPad Pro. This application is cooked with a decent measure of love and a major dash of warmth. VITAL elements of this application are enormous amounts of patterns, bowl loaded with app icons, a handful of frames and a huge bit of app shelves.

Iconical Customize your iPhoneIconical – Customize your iPhone

Do you need a speedier approach to making a call without finding their contact? There’s nothing quicker than a contact call icon on your home screen. Do you Skype the same individual as often as possible? Make a home screen symbol that will open Skype and call that person consequently. Have an icon that emerges a lot on your home screen? Essentially make your particular alternate route icon for that application and shroud the first icon.


+Icon is for those smartphone users who truly need to unleash their inventiveness. The application offers things like edges and images so you can make your particular icon effortlessly. There are additionally outlines furnished in a joint effort with prevalent clothing brands like X-young lady and Milkfed. Icons+ gives you a chance to make icons effectively. You can choose from various foundations, fringes, and so forth or import your photograph to make icons with the style of your own.

Icon Whip

Symbol Whip gives more than thirty assortments of beautiful, unique icons, for example, Hello Kitty or treats formed symbols. The icons all have a kind of hand-drawn style, and that makes your home screen look exceptionally remarkable. A few symbols can be opened by sharing them Twitter or Facebook, and over on the Deco Market; there are premium icons that can be purchased.

Icon Skins advanced for iPhoneIcon Skins

Show to your friends how cool your iPhone can be! Astounding, unique and one of a kind Icon Skins advanced for iPhone. You get top quality, free, natural backdrops for your gadget consistently! Download it once and get another, in vogue topics and foundations for your iPhone/iPod with week by week free upgrades through the lifetime.

Glowing App Icons – Home Screen Maker

Make astounding gleaming icons for smartphones impacts with this free application. Browse massive amounts of HD backdrops and almost 40 sparkling icons edges to create your custom home screen. It is simply one of the best applications that will assist you in beautifying your smartphone.

Live Icon Skins Lite

It’s a great opportunity to improve your presentation with the cutest symbol skins ever. Inspire your companions with an accumulation of superb, unique and one of a kind gathering of Live Icon skins which will mystically change your iPhone into the coolest one you’ve ever seen.

Look no further on the off chance that you need to give your iPhone a fabulous look because with Live Icon Skins you can customize your iPhone and transform it from an inert contraption into a little universe of amusing animals.

Skins and Screens Factory – Customize your lock screen and home screen FREE

Skins and Screens Factory – Customize your lock screen and home screen FREE is the collection of the best icons, skins and application racks for your gadget! Need your home screen more exceptional and remarkable? Come and download this backdrop! What’s more, make your own particular outstanding iPhone!

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