Avast Wifi Finder – An App to Search Password Free WiFi

When your internet data on your smartphone has run out, or your phone credit has reached its limit, it really helps to be able to find free wifi hotspot around. The only problem is, it can be difficult to know where an actual location is that offers free wifi, or a free hotspot. The last thing you want to do is go walking around wasting time looking for a signal.

And that’s where the Avast Wi-Fi Finder Android app by the Avast Antivirus Security Systems comes into play. The whole idea of this app is to not only help you find any free wifi hotspots that are around you, but also let you know how secure that hotspot is.

A VERY import part of this app and why I decided to try it and to write about here on All App News today.

The first thing the app does is pinpoints your location using GPS. Then it will connect to its database for the availability of free Wi-Fi connections or password-free Wi-Fi in your area. In fact, this application has a complete record of all of the free Wi-Fi connections throughout the world whether it’s in a hotel, a public place or any other location regardless of which router it’s using or the manufacturer of the equipment.

Personally I am using a Telstra 4g wifi modem external antenna and the app picks it up just fine. And that’s my private network!

The application uses GPS to find your location so that you can access its database in case you can’t conect to the internet through the use of your phone data. Great for people on a budget or if you’re paying for your data and it’s metered and you’re looking to watch YouTube videos or other forms of media that require a lot of data nad bandwith.

There’s also an Easy Connect option that will automatically connect you with any available free hotspots the app finds in the area.

This application is available for free for both iOS and Android smartphones. It is not necessary to use Avast Wi-Fi Finder in the case of low credit or data in the smartphone. You can also use it for saving on monthly mobile bills and roaming fees.

The best thing about this application is that it will always connect you with reliable, fast and free hotspots throughout the world. You can also compare the two networks as well to check which one is faster for browsing and downloading purpose.

You will be first provided with the security and privacy level of every free Wi-Fi available. You can check the security ratings of each network to stay protected during browsing, chatting and emailing.


Avast Wifi Finder for iOS

Avast Wifi Finder for Android

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