Best Live Weather Wallpaper Apps for Mobile

Live weather wallpaper apps transform your mobile screen to the real time forecasting screen. Now, you can get the latest updates about rain, snowfall, hurricanes, and the changes in climatic conditions accurately.

They help you plan your travel and flight schedules, resting period, business meetings, and other appointments in advance. Plus they paint the mobile background screen with the seven colors of the rainbow, making it unbelievably attractive. Here, we present you the best four such apps which you can download and install without any hassles.

Weather Live Free

Generic Features

The weather Live Free app has an impressive opening screen that shows you the current weather conditions on a contrasting backdrop. Temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation and the visibility are the key elements of display. You can get the accurate information about the sunrise and sunset, moon rise, apart from the hourly weather forecast.

You can change the unit of measurement for every weather parameter according to your convenience. The auto location detection feature can be configured with the GPS on your mobile. Then the app works without any manual intervention. Of course, there is also an option to input the location manually.

Add Location

The inbuilt location database lets you add new locations without any limits. It is the feature which brings you the live weather information and forecast from multiple cities all over the world. Once you have added the cities, it is very easy to navigate between them using the touch screen and button options.

Customize Display

The weather Live Free lets you customize the widget size and main screen display objects though the menu.

Special Features

The weather Live Free has a unique UV index viewer which lets you measure the accurate intensity of the UV radiation at the current location and time. So, you can take the appropriate safety measures for the protection. The other feature is you can connect the weather display features to the main screen directly. So, you don’t need to open the app every time for getting the updates. The weather Live Free is compatible with the android weather app, making it the top choice for the android phones.

User Interface

The weather Live Free has the flowing user interface that allows you to switch between the various menus and screens. If you are not familiar with using the touch screen, there is a button option with shortcut options.

Precise Weather YoWindow

Precise Weather YoWindowGeneric Features

The Precise Weather YoWindow gives you a combination of animated and graphical user interface for the display of weather conditions and forecasts. On the left top of the screen you can see your current location. Just beneath that is the display menu for the next 8 days apart from today.

The sub menu beneath that shows the changes in the weather conditions after every three hours. The right screen beneath the sub menu displays the wind speed, pressure, humidity, and the visibility parameters. The crystal clear background screen makes it easy to read the information without needing to put on your glasses.

Location Mapping

The Precise Weather YoWindow also has the options for location selection and setting. You can customize the landscape setting, screen display, and the other features and set them as default for that location. The latest version of the Precise Weather YoWindow lets you keep track of the weather conditions in the most visited locations in a database. The next time you plan to visit that location, it is possible to pull out the related information and view it on the screen.

The auto location access lets you get the latest information from the pre-loaded locations as well as the new locations in real time. Once you get the data, you can save the location details into the database for the future reference.

Accurate Forecasts

The Precise Weather YoWindow collects the weather data from top metrological organizations. Then the app server broadcasts the data live onto your mobile device. National Weather Service (NWS) is one of the stations from where the app collects the data. The NWSs is known for short and mid range forecasts from the countries all over the world.

Surface analysis, predominant weather, precipitation possibilities, Puerto Rico forecasts, temperature and the other weather parameters can be analyzed accurately from the NWS. The Precise Weather YoWindow implements the same level of accuracy in displaying the information on your mobile screen. .

The Precise Weather YoWindow takes the weather data from another source called the YR.NO. This station is known to provide the advanced forecasts on hurricanes, tornadoes, and extreme variations in the weather conditions all over the globe. It is also known for its accurate forecasts on the generic weather conditions for the short and mid range.

Realistic Display

If there is a rainfall forecast in your city today, the Precise Weather YoWindow transforms the display screen to show the rains at the exactly predicted time. Similarly, it shows the snow fall, hurricane, dry weather, and the other conditions as they are using realistic animations. You don’t even need to read the text to know how the weather will change after every hour.

Scrolling on the time-bar will automatically change the display details. So, you don’t have to wait for the next hour or the future day to know about the weather conditions forecast. Simple movement of your fingers on the touch screen can do the trick.

User Interface

The user interface of the Precise Weather YoWindow is highly sophisticated, yet simple. The online touch screen options let you switch between 9 days of weather forecast on a single touch of the screen.

Downloading and installation of the app takes only a few minutes. The system can also read from the system settings of date and time. At the same time, it can write onto the system data. So, change of time zone during travel automatically updates the regional settings on your mobile without any manual intervention. Refer to the product manual for further information on language settings, unit of measurement and the other related user interface details.

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