The RecipeTin Eats App is the Next Generation of Recipe Storage

recipe appYou know that big messy folder that’s fallen behind the microwave? The one filled with all those recipe clippings you haven’t looked at since you ripped them out of an old, coffee-stained food mag four years ago? Well there’s now a modern-day solution for storing recipes that actually works – it’s called RecipeTin, and it’s the answer to your recipe clutter.

There have never been so many ways to source recipes: cookbooks, scrapbooks, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, e-books, mobile apps and more. And if the way you store them is a disorganised mess, they’re of little use.

RecipeTin is the new app for iPhone and iPad users that’s revolutionizing the way people store and view recipes. It allows you to take pictures of recipes in cookbooks and magazines and store them as an image – unlike some other recipe apps, which make you manually type in all the information. If you’re looking to browse through recipes on the internet for ideas, then RecipeTin’s built-in browser is ideal – you can import a recipe from any website, captured as a PDF.

You also have the option to create your own recipes, and owing to the straightforward data sections (covering servings, prep time, cook time, etc.) and option to add a picture, they appear streamlined with all the other recipes in your RecipeTin. Haven’t taken a picture of the dish yet? You can copy and paste any image from the internet or a document.

And what’s more, RecipeTin seamlessly syncs to all your devices, meaning that if you’ve snapped a recipe on your iPhone while out and about, you can conveniently look at it while grocery shopping, and then view it on the large format of your iPad at home while cooking it later.

The neat, beautiful and easy-to-use interface makes the app a pleasure to use. It has a simple layout and fresh, bright colour scheme. Navigate your way easily through all your recipes, browsing and getting inspiration effortlessly.

Search through your recipes by cuisine, dish type, main ingredients, source and more. You can even create your own categories. For example, you might like to group together recipes for an upcoming dinner party, or perhaps make a section where you keep all of your family’s secret recipes.

If you’ve been diligently compiling your own recipes over the years on your computer, you can import them all in bulk by syncing the app with iTunes.

The other recipe apps out there tend to fall into one of two categories: either they only allow users to painstakingly manually enter recipes, or they only allow users to download recipes from a rigid recipe portal – not letting users to enter their own. The downfall of the majority of these apps is that they do not give the user the amount of freedom that RecipeTin does; for example, they only accept one type of file format. RecipeTin, on the other hand, does it all.

Not only is RecipeTin great for storing your recipes, but it also preserves their file format, meaning you can go into iCloud or Dropbox and access them from any computer.

As one user said: “This is what I had been looking for. I have so many recipes stored in different places – websites, documents on my PC, scrapbooks and cookbooks. Using RecipeTin, I was able to store all my recipes in one place without entering them in manually one by one. With comprehensive category and collection features, I can group recipes in my way and find them easily. I love using the iPad to cook with and having the iPhone with me when I am grocery shopping. This is exciting!” 

– Cristina Parker, Sydney, Australia


Although RecipeTin is currently only available on iPhone and iPad, it’s launching on Mac and Windows over the next few months, and will also be available on Android by mid-2014.

For more information, visit the RecipeTin website, at or watch the RecipeTin Overview Video.

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