What To Do When Your Uber App Is Not Working

HELP! My Uber App Is Not Working!

Here is a list of what may be causing the problem, along with ways that you may be able to resolve it.

1. App-Wise Issues

When your Smartphone is working fine otherwise, there may be the chance that the Uber app itself is experiencing an issue. This means that other people are probably experiencing the same issues.

If you still haven’t gotten the app, or you need to reinstall it, there’s a great guide on installing the Uber app here.

To assist in verifying the issue, check on forums, social media or any other sites that usually report on this type of information. It is also helpful to share a screenshot off your phone that will help with describing the problem.

This issue is uncommon, yet if it does occur its always good that you have your own backup plan, For example, if the app goes down you might want to change to the Lyft app, and when Lyft has an outage, you can change to driving with Uber or you can deliver with using Uber Eats app.

2. GPS Issues

If you are receiving a “location error” then your phone might be experiencing GPS issues. Both Android and iOS phones have reported on issues when it comes to location accuracy and settings.

iOS-iPhone users have the ability to turn the location service off or on, so make sure that it is switched on.

Android- Android users are also able to turn location services off and on and should also turn the “High Accuracy” location setting on to sharpen and improve the signal being sent to the app.

3. App Is Frozen Or Keeps Crashing

An extremely frustrating problem that can be experienced with just about any app is consistent crash of the app you would like to open or a frozen screen.

When this happens with the Uber app or the Lyft app, it might mean a memory-overload issue or low-memory.

Insufficient or low memory is often caused from various factors. However, if you haven’t cleaned-up programs that run on the phone for awhile this might be the issue. Even having to many pictures or videos stored on your phone can cause problems. So clean out unwanted clutter!

When you do not shut down the apps properly or restart the phone every now and again, you might have many items that are running, that use the phone’s memory in the background. To solve this, try to quit the app and restart it.

You should also take the time to delete any apps that you are not using or need anymore so that you free-up space on the phone. If these tips do not work, delete the app and then reinstall the most current version.

How To Prevent An Issue From Happening

It is impossible to completely prevent problems from arising, yet there are measures that you are able to take in order to make sure this app carries on functioning correctly after you have resolved the issue you are dealing with.

Tips On How To Keep The App Running Smoothly

1. Restart your phone before a shift which will give you a clear-memory cache and clean slate every day which will help the phone to achieve the best performance.

2. Delete any unused apps and restart after you play games. Game apps often use up lots of memory, which is why it is better to restart your phone before you start the next shift. Unused apps will also use up unnecessary space on the phone, which is why deleting these apps can assist in boosting the performance on your phone.

3. When you make sure the apps and the operating system on your phone are up-to-date, it helps to increase security as well as keep the phone running a lot more smoothly. Most riders suggest that you should wait at least a week or two after a latest update before you install it, to ensure any bugs have been removed.

4. When the performance of the phone has become sluggish, reset the phone to its factory settings. This is a process that wipes the phone completely and will leave you with a new canvas similar to a brand-new phone. This process can take a couple of hours and you want to make sure anything that is important is backed up before you begin the process.

5. When your phone is old, it might be worthwhile considering replacing the entire device. We suggest you start with a hard-reset. If the device is still unable to function correctly, buying a new one may be a better option, especially when it is assisting you in putting more money in your back pocket.

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